Fun With Weights & Measures

Weighing and measuring are both serious practices, but nothing is too serious to find some fun in from time to time. Whether it be odd scale facts, peculiar scale applications, weighing and measurement games, or even experiments, the weighing & measurement industry has its share of is where to get your fix of industry fun!

How many tons of snow have you shoveled from your driveway? Use the calculator to find out

Syracuse, N.Y. -- Ever wondered how much all that snow weighed you had to remove from your driveway?

We did, too. So after shoveling and then complaining about it loudly to our friends, we decided to figure out how many pounds we'd actually shoveled.

It's more than we thought. Even in a moderately sized driveway, we've probably shoveled the weight of a city bus.

Here's how we calculated it. The calculator below lets you figure out how much you've shoveled based on the size of your driveway...

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Scales & Rural Museum Scales Collection

Located in Park Farm · Clanna Lane
Alvington · Nr Lydney
Gloucester · GL15 6AF
1870s Rare 3 Tier (GPO) Postal Ladder Scale
These GPO scales from Coleford Post office were made in brass with a mahogany base by De Grave, Short, Fanner & Co. This is an example of a rare three tier UK Post Office letter scale, in excellent condition; complete with all four* brass block weights. The two lower beams have hanging plates fixed at 0.5 and then 1 oz. With the top beam pre-loaded at 1.5 oz, with the ability to add further block weights from the base at 0.5, 1, 2, and 4 oz making a total of 9 oz (the earliest examples of this type of scale were made from 1851). The company also made two and four ladder versions. The base is 15 inches (38cm) by 6 inches (15cm) and a depth of 1.5
inches (3cm) with a full height to the scales of 12 inches (31cm). * A small fifth, non-conforming, weight has been added at some point to the scale.

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Whimsical Units of Measurement

Want to know what a snails's pace is or a  pace or millipeeve ? - find the answer and much more !

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The Matching Game


Match all the squares and have fun !

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Food Measurements


On being outnumbered: The human body contains 10 times as many microbial cells (bacteria, etc.) as human cells.

The Weights and Measures Act of 1824 in England declared that the British Imperial Gallon was equal to '10 imperial pounds weight of distilled water weighed in air against brass weights with the water and the air at a temperature of 62 degrees of Fahrenheit's thermometer and with the barometer at 30 inches.'

In about 1305, Edward I of England decreed that one inch should be the measure of three barleycorns, and English shoe sizing began; thus a child's shoe that measured 13 barleycorns became a size 13. 


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When Milwaukee's Donald Knuth first presented his revolutionary system of
weights and measures to the members of the
_Wisconsin_Academy_of_Science,_Arts,_and_Letters,_ they were
astounded...mainly because Donald also has two heads. All kidding aside,
Donald's system won first prize as the "most original presentation". So far,
the system has been adopted in Tierra del Fuego, Afghanistan, and Southern
Rhodesia. The U.N. is considering it for world adoption.

This new system of measuring, which is destined to become the measuring system
of the future, has decided improvements over the other systems now in use. It
is based upon measurements taken 6-9-12 [sic] at the Physics Lab. of Milwaukee
Lutheran High School, in Milwaukee, Wis., when the thickness of MAD Magazine
#26 was determined to be 2.263348517438173216473 mm. This length is the basis
for the entire system, and is called one potrzebie of length.

The Potrzebie has also been standardized at 3515.3502 wave lengths of the red
line in the spectrum of cadmium. A partial table of the Potrzebie System, the
measuring system of the future, is given.    



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FREE Weights and Measures Study Guide : Conversion of over 1,000 units including Length, Area, Volume, Speed, Force, Energy, Electricity, Viscosity, Temperature, & more [NOOK

Book of over 1000 weights and measures conversions

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Measurement Games

Games to have fun with - 
Teaching Measurement

Virtual Ruler

Animal Weigh In

Artie Ounces Soda Jerk

Measure It! Centimeters (Level 1)

Measure It! Centimeters (Level 2)

Measure It! Centimeters (Level 3)

Measure It! Inches (Level 1)

Measure It! Inches (Level 2)

Measure It! Inches (Level 3)

Measure It! Inches (Level 4)

Equivalent Customary Measure

Equivalent Metric Measure

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Metric system Chart for Kids

Metric System Chart for Kids
Using the metric system chart for kids will make it easy for them to understand the system of measurement. This article provides some information about the same.
Read more at Buzzle:

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Word Searches and more

 Word Scramble - Weight, Metrics, Time, and more         





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Top 10 Heaviest Objects ever Moved

In director Werner Herzog's 1982 film "Fitzcarraldo," a European ne'er-do-well (portrayed by Klaus Kinski) dreams of becoming rubber mogul in Peru, and comes up with a bizarre solution for reaching a potentially lucrative, but previously inaccessible, parcel of rubber trees. Fitzcarraldo sails up a river as far as he can go in a giant paddlewheel steamship, and then somehow convinces a crew of natives to drag the 300-ton (272.2-metric-ton) craft up a steep mountainside with ropes and pulleys so that he can get to another nearby river and sail on to his destination. Somehow, they succeed [source: Canby].
In the end, fortune still eludes Fitzcarraldo, but something about his determination and sheer gall resonates with us. After all, if there's a single enduring trait that humans have demonstrated throughout the ages, it's the never-ending desire to move really big, heavy objects that can't move under their own power. We still marvel at how the ancient Egyptians managed to drag 2.5-ton (2.3-metric-ton) blocks of granite for miles and then lift them into place when they built the pyramids, all without modern machinery. (Scientists have determined that they used teams of oxen to pull the stones along a slipway lubricated with oil, and then eased them up ramps built of mud brick and coated with plaster [source: Science Daily].) And we can't help but be impressed at the ingenuity of a contractor named B.C. Miller, who in 1888 jacked up the three-story, 174-room Brighton Beach Hotel and built a small stretch of railroad beneath it, so he could move the structure 600 feet (188.8 meters) inland on flatbed cars to protect it from beach erosion [sources: Boston Evening Transcript, Brooklyn Public Library]. Today, we'll fill a stadium to watch a monster truck-pulling contest.
Here's the lowdown on 10 of the heaviest objects that humans have ever relocated.

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Top 10 Heaviest Woods

Top Ten Heaviest Woods
by Eric Meier
There’s just something within human nature that loves to see things ordered and ranked: we want a champion. One might watch a basketball game, where the two teams battle back and forth in lock-step into double overtime, only to have the winning team go ahead by a single basket at the buzzer. Did this necessarily determine who the better team truly was? Maybe, maybe not; but we need finality, we need separation, we need a champion.
With this intrinsic urge in mind, I’ve compiled a top ten list of the heaviest woods in the world. Keep in mind that wood density can vary by an average of plus or minus 10% between samples (called the coefficient of variation), so it’s entirely possible that a sample of the tenth-ranked wood on this list could easily weigh more than a sample of the first ranked wood on this list. Some of these species weigh, on average, only a few tenths of a pound more per cubic foot than their nearest rivals: certainly no conclusive ranking should be inferred from the list. But nonetheless, we want someone to take home the gold medal—we need a champion crowned—so here are the top ten heaviest woods in the world:

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Weights & Measures goes to the Movies !

Who would have thought that James Cagney played a role as a Weights & Mesures Inspector ?  "Great Guy" -you should check it out !

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What do you weigh...on Mars??

Use these values and formulas to calculate your weight on any celestial body in our solar system!

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Fun Ways to Teach Youngsters!

It's never too early to start teaching your kids! Make learning fun with these fun ways to teach youngsters about weights & measures.

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Weight & Length Games for Kids

Introduce children to the concept of weights & measures with some games where they learn how to take measurements!

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Meet Metric Mutt!

All about Metrics with Metric Mutt. 

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Gas Density Experiment

Determine the density of a gaseous substance!

Liquid Density Experiment

Determine the density of a liquid substance by using its volume and mass!

Pictures & Puzzles!

Filled with activities for kids including Word finds, hidden pictures, word scrambles, crossword puzzles, and so much more!

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Geometry & Measurement Games

Let your children play online and learn at the same time! Follow the link for a number of games about geometry and measurement.

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Hershey's book on Weights & Measures

Make learning fun with this paperback children's book about weights & measures!

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Performing Math Functions with an Electronic Balance

Performing Math Functions with an Electronic Balance