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NCWM training Program Manual

Model Field Training Program (Word version)

This training manual was developed by an NCWM Task Group and finalized in 2014. It is made available to the general public to assist weights and measures administrators and training officers in verifying and documenting progress toward successfully training new inspectors. We make it available to you for download in Word and PDF format.

Potential benefits of this project:

Ensures consistent training under the guidance of a senior inspector.
Enhances the professionalism of your staff.
Provides solid documentation that training has in fact been provided and the result of the training.
Provides solid documentation of any deficiencies of the trainee in the event of a negative hire.
Protection of your department from lawsuits based on lack of proper training and vicarious liability issues.
Provides lateral opportunities for those selected to act as Field Training Inspectors and prepares them for supervisor positions.
Ensures that the public we serve has the most competent, well-trained government regulators in the marketplace.

NIST Handbook 105-1

Specifications & Tolerances for Reference Standards and Field Standard Weights and Measures

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NIST -Uncertainty Guide for Scales & Balances

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