High Speed Weighing Transmitter for Field Network-Support

Posted 04/13/16 | Back to Case Studies

Fast, accurate?

IP65 Dust & Waterproof!

The field transmitters have2/4channels of independent A/Dwhich isan innovative value-adding solution for batching and weightmonitoring applications, so its communication speed are faster 2/4 times than normal weighing transmitter!

The instrument arebundled flawlessly in a IP65 case,allowing it to performunder theworst industrial environmentsand dramatically reducing the amount of shielded analogue line needed and creating significant savings on the project’s bottom-line.


? CE compliant

? IP65casing allows performance in theworst industrial environment

?Used in systems with PLC/PC

?4independent channels of A/D bundled together

? Powerful 32 bitARM technology CPU makes it exceptional precise and responsive

? Patent pending two-layer advanced digital filtering algorithm

? 24 bit Delta-Sigma A/D conversion with 8 million counts internal resolution

? Advanced electronics power supply18-36V DC

? All output ports optically isolated

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