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How many times have you seen signs along the side of the road that say "Weigh Station Ahead" or "All Trucks must Exit" ? how many times have you noticed weight limit signs for bridges ? There are numerous reasons for this and how many people realize this is a daily occurrence worldwide and is serious business ? if you're a truck driver, scales are a"weigh" of life.

Bridges and roads have weight limitations, road taxes and tolls are based on vehicle classifications, which are based on axles and weight. Even vehicle registrations are based on gross vehicle weight. Vehicle weights contribute to road wear and tear as well as bridge deterioration over time.

There are both interstate and intrastateweight limits including Gross Weight Tolerances and Axle Weight Tolerances. there are fines and consequences for OVER limits. One state in the U.S. Utilizes cameras to address "dodging" the scale while another mandates any vehicle over 2000 lb. be weighed---many SUV's and cars weigh more than that. there's even one state that mandates a minimum of 25 weight checks per officer per week and another that dedicates 153 officers solely to the task.

There are over 1195 weigh stations along interstate and state highways coast to coast in the U.S. alone just for law and highway enforcement add in additional truck scales located at truck stops, manufacturing facilities, or elsewhere internationally and the numbers keep growing. They're checking everything from the weight of the loads, axle and tandem weights to overall weight. All these scales require service and calibration in a big weigh !

The majority of truck scales are 60'-70' long and 11' wide with a typical capacity of 100 tons. The cost of a new one can easily exceed 75,000-100,000.00 depending on requirements, features, and options.

specialized "calibrated" test vehicles are utilized to perform periodic maintenance and testing. These vehicles even account for the fuel and are equipped with 1000 lb block test weights to handle concentrated load testing. special calibrated weight carts are also used sometimes in conjunction with the weights for individual section testing.

There are international agencies that establish the criteria for the design and performance of truck scales as well as other weighing and measurement equipment in use throughout the world.