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Scales.com is the most comprehensive portal for the weighing & measurement industry. Our primary objective is to bring scale industry professionals and customers together, along with an abundance of resources to be utilized by all. By encouraging the cultivation of stronger manufacturer-dealer-customer relationships we hope to empower individuals and businesses alike to make better, more knowledgeable decisions.

Scales.com has the deepest directory of scale industry manufacturers and scale dealers from around the world, and represents the entire spectrum of equipment and services available today. In addition to these expansive directories, this feature-rich site also provides fast access to industry & world news, and acts as a highly visible posting board for relevant classified ads, job listings, case studies, and even resumes! There is also a plethora of additional resources available.

Scales.com is not just another E-commerce platform attempting to maximize sales by slashing prices and undermining our industry. However if you do elect to purchase equipment online, then you can do so with confidence from our friends at Scales.us. They work with many of the industry's leading manufacturers to offer quality product with a wide variety of capability, durability, repairability, and of course price. Whether you"re looking for counting scales, digital platform scales, weighing indicators, crane scales, analytical balance scales, load cells, weighbridges, or even scale or calibration service; you can find what you need at both scales.com and scales.us .

[We recommend contacting a local dealer or someone at our team when considering equipment options, no matter what your application. There is an overwhelming amount of product available today, some better than others, and to shop on price point alone is a roll of the dice with each and every purchase. It is important to know when to turn to the experts, who those experts are, and where to find them. Scales.com can help!

The Scales.com Network is setting the standard in online portals for the industry. Look around to see how we can help you or your company today! Feedback is always welcome, and thank you for visiting!