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Happy 125th Birthday !

Industry News - 09/25/2014

The fist-sized lump of platinum alloy that defines the kilogram turns 125 this month, but it may be its last significant birthday.
The kilogram is the last SI unit still defined by an artefact rather than a physical constant, represented since September 1899 by a 4cm cylinder made of 90 per cent platinum and 10 per cent iridium. Called the International Prototype Kilogram (IPK), it is stored in the basement of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sèvres, France.

Over the last 125 years, however, comparisons between the IPK and its six official copies have shown their masses slowly diverging – presumed to be due to wear and chemical interaction with the atmosphere – prompting calls to redefine the unit in terms of a fundamental constant of nature.

This November, at the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM), metrology experts are expected to ratify a final roadmap to redefine the kilogram in terms of Planck’s constant – used to describe the size of quanta, or units of energy, in quantum mechanics – by 2018. 

Automation speeds up Breaded Products Lines

Industry News - 09/24/2014

The Ishida CCW-R-220 is handling a range of fresh and frozen breaded products such as chicken nuggets for discharge into trays at target weights of between 200g and 3 kilos.

The weigher is divided into two 10-head sections, each side capable of weighing up to 60 packs per minute to give a combined throughput of around 120 packs, but Martini Alimentare aims to gradually increase speed to around 160 packs per minute. The flexibility of the split weigher enables Martini to simultaneously handle different products or the same product at different weights....

In order to facilitate packing of the product into the shallow trays, Ishida’s Italian agent Itech AG has devised a bespoke distribution system. The weighed product is transferred into a special discharge hopper. This holds the product and then moves along the line with the tray to gradually deposit the product into the moving tray for a more even distribution of the nuggets.

As well as improved accuracy, Martini has reduced manpower on the line by half compared to the hand weighing operation that it previously employed.

The company says that in addition to its excellent accuracy and efficiency, the CCW-R-220 is easy to operate and maintain, with fast changeovers and easy cleaning. Full training was given to all relevant factory personnel as part of the installation process.
The Ishida weigher is part of Martini Alimentare’s on-going investment to further automate its production processes.

“Naturally we looked at other options, but with my knowledge of Ishida, I felt confident that the company would be able to find the right solution for this project,” comments Martini Alimentare’s Production General Manager Claudio Cabassi.
“The new weigher has made an immediate difference in terms of production and efficiency improvement. Nevertheless, we are only at the start of the process and we know that, as we become more familiar with the line, we can achieve an even better performance in terms of speed, accuracy and reduced manpower requirements and that is what we will be working on to deliver in the coming months.”

Even so, at the current rate, Martini Alimentare estimates that payback on the weigher will be achieved within one year.

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New wireless Inventory management System for Liquor

Industry News - 09/24/2014

Gware POS provides dependable, affordable! and easy to use Liquor Inventory Management Software that satisfies the demanding needs of bars and restaurants. It's easy to set up, learn, and maintain. The inventory scale connects to the android tablet via Bluetooth . There's no need to carry the inventory to the scale. It is lightweight and portable with a long lasting lithium battery. 

GwarePOS software is designed specifically for the grocery, liquor, C-Store and general retail markets. GWarePOS is affordable, dependable, easy-to-use and is installed in a wide range of retail applications. Included with the point-of-sale module is a powerful back office and utilities module with an optional scale management interface We also offer a number of add on modules including Web Office, Scale Management, Now Serving, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Tracker, DSD Manager and a Hand Held Data Collector…..Call 248-358-7370 for more info..

Mettler Toledo -Productivity Guide brings lean principles

Industry News - 09/17/2014

METTLER TOLEDO, the global manufacturer of scales and analytical instruments has addressed the effective use of filling, batching, checkweighing and inspection as part of a Food Productivity Guide with clear lean undertones.

Developed as a food process and equipment selection reference tool, the guide is aimed at food and beverage manufacturers with a view to providing insights and best practice ideas to enhance companies’ bottom lines.

As well as honing in on existing, successful processes, manufacturers are also pointed in the direction fo further capital investments to improve parts of the process, including weighing, inspection and measuring to produce more accurate material transfers, as well as more efficient tracking and tracing, more consistent filling and increased throughput in both automated and manual processes.

“Weighing and measuring are crucial in many of these process steps. Selecting the right technology and inspection methods—and making sure they can be easily integrated into a company’s existing MES/ERP systems—are key to increased efficiency and therefore bigger profit margins,” said Urs Berli, Market Manager Food, METTLER TOLEDO.

Key indicators for manufacturers to keep in mind include: reducing bad batches and assuring consistent product taste through traceable PC-guided formulation; ROI calculation tools to assess potential savings by reduced waste and minimised product giveaway; speeding up manual portioning processes; enhancing foreign body detection to reduce food safety risks; optimising throughput and uptime in vehicle weighing; achieving consistent, sustainable weighing precision and higher uptime via appropriate calibration and performance check procedures.

“With the Guide’s comprehensive nature, it is METTLER TOLEDO’s intention to support food manufacturing operations large and small to realize benefits through increased productivity, consumer satisfaction and profits,” Mr. Berli conculded.


crane scale

Industry News - 09/11/2014


- New design PCB and longer standby time

- Integral design of load cell, quick, accurate, stable weighing

- High quality rechargeable battery and impact resistant aluminum alloy casing

- Perfect software, never system halted

- Faction casing and patent design

- Convenient remote controller

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open

World News - 10/01/14

Will markets shake off the September slump as the new month begins?

Hong Kong protesters are so freaking nice

World News - 10/01/14

Big demonstrations are always a little uncomfortable. Trash piles up, personal space is non-existent and bathrooms are in short supply.

This app is helping Hong Kong protesters organize without a cell network

World News - 10/01/14

Anyone who has ever been to a big sporting event or a stadium concert knows that large crowds can quickly overwhelm local cell towers, making communication pretty much impossible.

House Dems want NY Fed hearings, too

World News - 09/30/14

Three Democratic members of Congress joined their Senate colleagues in calling for a probe of Wall Street regulators.

Stocks: 'September slump' strikes again

World News - 09/30/14

If you are one of the 50% of Americans who have money in the stock market, you probably wanted to reach for Benadryl at some point this month.

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Business Development Manager

Listed 06/11/14

contributory pension, performance related bonusExperience: Educated to degree level with at least 5 years experience working in a business development role, with good technical abilities, preferably within the oil & gas, marine or heavy ...

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